Constantia Pirk GmbH & Co. KG

Who we are
Constantia Pirk is located in Pirk (South of Germany, near Munich) with 733 employees.
Constantia Pirk is focused on the Food EU Division. We have three business Units: Dairy, Food & Pharma.

What we do
Printing (11 lines): (Aluminium, Plastic, Paper) Combined with in-line lamination
•    Roto Gravure Printing, up to 12 colours
•    Flexo Printing
•    UV-Flexo Printing

Slitting (18 lines)
•    Fully automatic positioning of cores and knifes
•    Automatic unload systems
•    Surface Inspection Systems

Lacquering (3 lines)
•    both sides lacquering of primers and heat seal lacquers (water/solvent based)
•    Inline corona treatment for plastics and aluminium foil
•    both sides Surface Inspection System

Laminating (6 lines)
•    Wax
•    Water/solvent based
•    Solvent free
•    Surface Inspection Systems

Which industries do we serve?

We serve the Pharma- Dairy- and Food industry.

Our services
In-house production of lacquers
•    over 5.000 tons

In-house prepress facility
•    Constantia Pirk has its own prepress facility which supports all the common image formats used by our customers:
•    Technologies: EIP: (Packz, ArtPro, GMG Color Proof, Webcenter, Autmation Engine) / Cylinder manufacturing (Stylus engraving Twain & Xtreme, Think, Flexo)

R&D Competence Center Film
•    R&D Competence Center Film (Food&Pharma)
•    In-house laboratory laminatin, coating, printing
•    Modern laboratory equipment
•    R&D-projects with customers
•    Close contact to several partners (maschinery, raw material suppliers, research institutes, etc.)
•    In-house development of lacquer systems

Print Service

Fun fact about our site

“Baptizing of our Apprentices”: the apprentices write down their “sins” during the apprenticeship on a piece of paper. This is burned after they are finished. After that the apprentices gather in the close-by river Naab and leave it one at a time (the apprentice with the best results first). Then they are sat down on a chair and the apprentice teacher absolves them from their “sins” and pours a glass – or, depending on the behavior of the apprentice also a bucket – of water over the heads of the apprentices.

In the field of logistics and production we pursue an uncompromising approach based on measures suited to our clients. For example, at our Pirkmühle plant we manufacture using a pharma production facility built to meet clean-room requirements, which is clearly oriented towards the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The integrated pre-press with in-house printing-cylinder manufacturing also gives us the opportunity to operate independently and flexibly in this field.

Our services cover the whole product life cycle. Qualified service teams support our clients, starting with the development of the design and specification through to the use of the products on the packaging machines. 

Our Organization

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